Olmeda Origenes | Artichokes.
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The Kingdom of Navarra, Pamplona is the land of the San Fermín festival, of the running of the bulls, of local holidays, traditions and of an excellent market garden.
Here we pick our magnificent artichokes.


Once we have selected the best artichokes, we clean and peel them; and use only the heart. We boil and cover them with olive oil or with the water in which they have been cooked.

Tasting note

They have a light green color and a delicate bitter flavor with a soft texture. They are recommended for their medicinal and healthy purposes. They are excellent to add soups, rice, tempura or stews. They are also great for frying, blanching, roasting, etc….


Retail formats:


Artichokes in brain 16/20 fruits per glass jar of 660 grs.


Artichokes in Olive Oil 10/14 fruits per glass jar of 380 grs.


Food Service formats:


Artichokes in brain 40/50 fruits tin of 2500 grs.