Olmeda Origenes | White Asparagus.
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White Asparagus

The Asparagus from Navarra is another of the characteristic and emblematic products of this fertile land.

The white asparagus is nurtured for one year and grows underground. These asparagus are harvested by hand to ensure that the fruits are not damaged, then the best pieces are selected, cleaned and cooked on salted water. They are canned for their consumption throughout the whole year. They are simply delicious!

Tasting note

White coloured, they have a creamy and smooth texture and delicate and highly refreshing flavour. Very recommendable for its medicinal qualities. They are ideal to be dressed with olive oil, sherry vinegar and fleur de sel.


Tins of 780 grs 6/8 fruits per tin.


Tins of 780 grs 10/12 fruits per tin.