Olmeda Origenes | Fleur de Sel.
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Fleur de Sel

San Fernando (Cadiz) is located halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and halfway between Europe and Africa. There we harvest our “Fleur de Sel” during the summer nights.


We add nothing to this completely natural product. It makes an ideal condiment, as it is rich in calcium, iodized salts, and ferric salts. Due to the small size of its crystals, our “Fleur de Sel” salt melts in your mouth without being crunchy. It adds a marine flavour intensifying and enhancing the natural taste of your dishes.


We recommend it for food that does not require much cooking and for salads.

Tasting note

White or slightly pink colour. Delicate texture due to its small crystals. Soft marine flavour.


  • Salt shaker, 100 gr.