Olmeda Origenes | Honey.
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Honey from Villuerca-Ibores D.O.

Our honey, D.O. Villuercas-Ibores comes from the beehives of the splendid Sierra of Guadalupe in Caceres. This honey is pure so it can crystallize. Crystallization is a special characteristic and proof of its extraordinary quality.

Mountain Multifloral Honey

Mountain Multifloral Honey is obtained in forests, which are rich in rockrose, thyme, rosemary, heather, broom etc. It has a flowery aroma a variable persistence and a beautiful amber colour.

Forest Oak Honey

Forest Oak Honey is obtained in lush forest areas, which consist of holm oaks, chestnuts, oaks, strawberry trees, etc… It is rich in vitamins, mineral salts, iron and enzymes. It has a flowery aroma and a malted flavour. It has a dark amber colour with streaks of red and green.


500g and 1kg. Glass jar.