Olmeda Origenes | Ñoras (Red Dry Peppers).
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Ñoras (Red Dry Peppers)

Peppers were introduced into La Vera in the XVIth century by the Jerónimos monks from the Yuste monastery, who brought them from South America. The “Ñoras” are sun dried peppers, of the variety Capsicum Annum “Bola”.


The “Ñora” is widely used in Spanish gastronomy and it can be found in a great number of traditional recipes providing the dishes with colour, flavour and aroma. They are an essential ingredient in rice, “calderetas”, sauces, stews, and “sofritos”.

Tasting note

Being of smaill size, round with a bright red colour, it is semi-fleshy with a lot of seeds inside. It has a very characteristic, sweet, flavour and an intense and penetrating aroma.


  • Box, 80 gr.