Olmeda Origenes | Mahón Cheese from Menorca D.O.
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Mahón Cheese from Menorca D.O.

This one of our best cheeses; it is handmade by one of the most ancient artisan cheese makers left in Mahón (Balearic Island). It is made with raw milk from the “Menorquina” cows, a breed of autochthones cattle from Menorca.


It has a yellow ivory colour with a yellow ochre rind. Its firm texture, and slightly milky flavour reminds us of toasted nut nuances. The flavour lingers in your mouth for a long time.


Alaoir-Mahón, Menorca, Balearic Island.

Curing period

Semi-cured: From 3 to 5 months.
Cured: More than 5 months.


Available cured and semi-cured whole cheese of 2,5 Kg. approx. and pieces of 320 grs.