Olmeda Origenes | Manchego Cheese.
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Manchego Cheese

This exceptional cheese is made with the milk from sheep of La Mancha. Ivory-straw like color which progressively gets darker.


On the nose it is elegant with a hint of dried fruits ond on the palate it is buttery with a spicy aftertaste. Our cured and semicured cheese and the spectacular Manchego in extra virgin olive oil are quite exceptional.



Madridejos, Toledo, Castilla La Mancha.

Curing period

In Olive oil: 9 months.
Cured: Between 6 and 8 months.
Semi-Curado: Between 4 and 5 months.
Mini: Between 4 and 5 months


In olive oil: 1 kg y 2 kg.
Cured: 2,2 Kg. Aprox.
Semi-Cured: 2,2 Kg. Aprox.
Mini: 1,2 Kg. Aprox.
Pieces: 325 grs.