Olmeda Origenes | Red MOJO PICÓN AYANTO from Canary Island.
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Red Mojo Sauce from Canary Island “Mojo Picón”

Mojo Sauce “Mojo picon” from Canary Island is one of the most famous products of Spain and recently designated as Spanish gastronomy marvel.


Our Red Mojo sauce comes from La Palma Island, one of the beautiful island of Canary Island, a piece of land in the Atlantic Sea.


Mojo Ayanto is made following the traditional recipe of La Palma Island, with native ingredients as Palmera peppers and very special kind of peppers only harvested in La Palma Island. This pepper is sun dried and them moisturized for at least 24 hours, also to make this mojo, we use volcanic sea salt from Atlantic sea. Our mojo sauce is made without preservatives, colorings and 100% gluten free.


Red mojo sauce is perfect to have with potatoes, with a piece of bread as a pate, ideal to pairing with meat, fish or cheese.


Our red mojo sauce AYANTO from Canary Island is available hot spicy (mojo picón) or sweet/mild (mojo suave).


Tasting note

Brilliant, intense gold color with touches of green. Fruity and vegetable aromas stand out, particularly banana, tomato herbs and pepper. Rich and creamy to the taste with hints of bitter, green almond and light touch of spicy.


Retail formats:

  • Glass jar of 212 ml. Hot spicy or sweet mild.

Food Service formats:

  • Pet of 1.5 L. Hot spicy or sweet mild.
  • Pet of 2.1 L. Hot spicy or sweet mild.