Olmeda Origenes | Cooked Octopus from Galicia
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Cooked Octopus from Galicia


From immemorial times in all coastal regions of Spain octopus has been arranged and prepared, and this has become one of the best-known, used and versatile sea products in Spaniard cuisine.


Galicia, located in northern Spain is where the octopus reaches its greatest dimension, to be “pulpeiro or pulpeira” is a profession and the “pulpo feria” or “Galician octopus” is a culinary marvel, the “pulperías” are very common, very traditional restaurants where to find this product and some local specialties. Also it is very easy to find special celebrations, fairs, festivals around octopus.


The octopus is a cephalopod mollusk and octopi, which inhabits rocky bottoms at depths below 200 meters, feeding on small crustaceans. Our Octopus Vulgaris variety, a native of the Atlantic coast is the most appreciated crustacean by professionals who work on the market and also the consumers.


“Olmeda origin octopus” is already steamed in juice directly into a vacuum bag, is completely natural, no preservatives, simply octopus so you can enjoy 100% of both meat and juice.
To consume simply put it for 5 minutes in boiling water or heat it 2 minutes in the microwave at full power, grill or griddle, and ready for seasoning to taste, eat and enjoy!

Shelf Life

4 months


O Carballiño, Galicia



  • Vacuum bag 1 tentacle

Product code: 17009

  • Vacuum bag 2 tentacles

Product code: 17010

  • Vacuum bag 3 tentacles

Product code: 17011