Olmeda Origenes | Fish Paella Stock.
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Fish Paella Stock

From Alicante, Valencia, cradle of the best paella in the world we have selected this stock for paella. Concentrated fish stock to prepare seafood paella 100% natural without artificial colourings or preservatives, elaborated with rock seafood from Santa Pola Bay, spidercrab, anglerfish and fresh vegetables. To make paella for six people you need one tin of fish paella stock Olmeda Origenes, x3 tins of water, some seafood like squid, prawns, mussels, or king prawns to taste and 500 grs of Bomba or Paella Rice Olmeda Origenes.

One tin of Fish Paella Stock Olmeda Origenes makes paella for 6 people in 18/20 minutes.


Shelf Life

2 years


Alicante, Valencia



  • Tin 410 grs Fish Paella Stock

Product code: 27001