Olmeda Origenes | Quesuco Verato.
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Quesuco Verato Cheese

We make this spectacular cheese using goats milk which comes from the Covacha peak, the Riscos Morenos and the Gargantas de la Sierra de Losar de la Vera. Here the goat and the goatherd make their habitat amongst the craggy mountains, the oaks, the thyme and the rock-rose.

Quesuco Verato is produced using pasteurized goats milk with lactic coagulation so it doesn’t contain animal rennet. It has a semi-soft paste, a bittersweet taste, a very sharp aroma and creamy texture, smoothly granulated. The “verata” goats’ milk turns into a jewel for those with the most demanding palates.

Shelf Life

3 months


Comarca de La Vera, Cáceres



  • Piece 500 grs (10 days curation)

Product code: 16029